Bill Validation

Our bill validation services make sure that you are only billed for the energy you used that to at rates prefixed with the supplier.

Many businesses overpay by a considerable amount annually because of mistakes made through estimated billing and incorrect contract charges. Switch: Gas & Power bill validation service can help you to solve this problem by monitoring invoices in-house.

The benefits of using an expert bill validation service

Switch: Gas & Power bill validation software highlights the disparity after careful review and recalculation of each component of the invoice. It pays special attention and matches contract rates and consumption with invoice details. Our bespoke software not only verifies the invoice but also highlight whether the usage is higher or lower than the expected rate. It also guides to inform when and where meter reads are required for correct billing especially for the sites that have been invoice for the incorrect period.


Switch: Gas & Power help businesses to make proper and realistic budget projections by providing forecasting support.

As many businesses and organizations have to bear a huge cost on energy, it is very important to manage this process as productively as possible. With in-depth industry knowledge and skill, our Energy Consultant works closely with clients to deal with a wide range of factors. We guarantee and present before you an informed, intelligent and accurate budget by taking into account all variable factor associated with your businesses which also include projected variables of all elements of your energy costs.

Energy Data Analysis

Energy data analysis provides an extensive report to maximize the use of energy as efficiently as possible. Detailed half-yearly usage provides information on daily shapes, peak volumes, and seasonal variation. Our analyst not only helps in cutting down cost as well as time-consuming monitoring but also provides guidance to businesses to adhere to the mandatory energy audits such as Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Energy Data Analysis

  • Highlights the areas of efficiency to minimize wastage of energy such as night time and weekend by providing an overall analysis of energy used and its cost.
  • We help to prove your company's environmental credentials by calculating targets for energy use and efficiency
  • Helps in avoiding bad costs and penalties
  • Helps in identifying cost-saving and efficiency for positive environmental credentials by monitoring individual sites
  • Facilitates in reporting data under Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme
Business Electricity Procurement

From initial contact with the energy suppliers to dealing with complex legislation and technicalities, sourcing the best value tariffs can be time-consuming and complex.

As an independent utility management consultant Switch: Gas & Power is not tied to any single energy supplier and we can research the marketplace to ensure you're paying the best price per kWh.

Switch: Gas & Power always suggest its clients have a check on the market when their contract is due for renewal as the suppliers keep on changing their market strategies. Switch: Gas & Power work out with the suppliers to provide the best cost-cutting gas tariff for your business.

Our energy consultants provide the best solution for setting up a contract for the first time or beginning of a renewal process after critically researching the market.

 We openly discuss with our client which helps to understand their specific needs and manage the entire process from beginning to end, freeing up valuable in-house resources.

Switch: Gas & Power is a dedicated energy partner providing the best advice, support and expertise.

Key Technologies

Switch: Gas & Power offers a full turnkey service across a wide variety of technologies which allows us to fully deliver against any organisations carbon and cost reduction strategies.

These include:

  • Solar PV
  • Battery Storage
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
  • Heat Pumps (Air & Ground Source)
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Bespoke Energy Monitoring