Our Customer Complaints Procedure is designed to ensure that complaints about Switch: Gas & Power services and products are managed and resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Scope of this procedure

Our customers complain procedure is applicable to all customers of Switch: Gas & Power Ltd as well as the general public.

Complains may be against our products or services, or can be concerning the whole business. Complains can be registered against the standards, performance, decisions or actions of one or more of our employees. Complains can also be raised against breach of codes, mis-selling, the behaviour of a member of our staff and their general competence.

Aims of this procedure

To ensure a positive relationship with our clients, Switch: Gas & Power always welcomes feedback from its clients.

If at any point of time, your negative feedback is not clearly dealt with, this procedure ensures a quick and effective solution.

Stages of the complaints procedure

The following procedure can be used in case the initial approach is not clearly dealt.

Stage one

Details of the complaint should be sent in written application to the following address:

Switch: Gas & Power Ltd, Fairgate House, Kings Road, Birmingham B11 2AA

Or alternatively one can email it to:

Full details of the complaint, the preferred method of contact, any information regarding any previous attempt to resolve this matter, and the preferred solution should be included in your complaint that should be logged in our complaints log.

We will try to respond you back within 24 hours giving an indication about the approx tie needed to investigate the matter.  For the purpose of the investigation, we may need to contact the person raising the complaint or the supplier/manufacturer of particular services/products for further details or to investigate further.

At the end of our investigations, we will confirm the outcome of the complaint and also let you know about further details of whom to write to if the outcome is not satisfactory. If no response is received within 14 days of sending our confirmation, we will consider that the situation is resolved. However, if the problem arises again, please do hesitate to come back to us.

Stage two

If a complainant remains unhappy with the outcome of their complaint, then please free to write to Haaris Miah outlining your concerns.

Following further inquiries, we will confirm the outcome of this further investigation in writing and aim to respond within seven working days.

Effectiveness of this procedure

Our employees are expected to promptly address any form of complaint and any dissatisfaction on the part of our clients shall be reported and actions must be taken to resolve the matter with efficiency.

Therefore, any concerns relating to the application or effectiveness of this procedure should be reported to Haaris Miah who will investigate further and take any appropriate action to ensure this procedure remains effective.

Implementation, monitoring and review of this procedure

Any type of query or feedback regarding Customers Complain Procedure should be shared with - Haaris Miah at Fairgate House, Kings Road, Birmingham B11 2AA